World wide impact

Sustainability as one of Cefetra’s core values: projects, certification and engagements

Cefetra is motivated by the belief that conducting business in a responsible way will secure the opportunities for future generations and will enhance Cefetra’s long-term performance. Therefore, Cefetra started its sustainability journey already in 2004 and nowadays sustainability is at the core of our business.


Or as Sandra Kraaij, Sustainability manager at Cefetra says: ‘I really love the responsibility Cefetra takes with regards to sustainability. Trying to improve sustainable practices in the supply chain, by creating sustainable impact where needed, and working together with farmers, NGOs, banks and other stakeholders’.

Cefetra has positioned itself as a knowledgeable partner for a range of sustainability initiatives that is open to help to further improve the sustainable practices in the Agri-supply chain.

Picture: Celebrating the successful CRS certification of a farm in Brazil.