Young Cefetra

Corporate social responsibility

Young Cefetra

Young Cefetra is organized for employees up to thirty years old and organizes activities for employees within Cefetra. We schedule a learning activity twice a year and a fun activity twice a year. In addition, we organize Friday afternoon drinks and a Social Project for all employees of Cefetra to contribute to society and the city of Rotterdam.

Social project

Employees find it increasingly important to carry out voluntary work through their employer. For this reason, social activities are organized by Cefetra to contribute to society and the city of Rotterdam.

Successful social project in 2017

After the very successful social project in 2017, providing homework support to children with a language deficiency in Delfshaven – we decided to start a social project again. In 2018/2019 we had a different target group, but the same concept.

We volunteered at the Accent Evening School. The Evening School is an educational institution in Rotterdam for people who cannot go to other institutions for adult education. Cefetra supported in small groups for the various courses that are given at the Evening School like cooking, sports, reading and math. In total 42 colleagues joined at one of the 14 volunteering opportunities.

In 2019 we also took a group of elderly people from Rotterdam for a ‘happiness walk’. Going out together, chatting and looking for fun things makes for a welcome change for people who live in residential care centers. They do not often go outside, because one volunteer is required per person to leave the house. The more people sign up as supervisors, the more residents can participate in the happiness walk. And volunteers we brought.. Twenty colleagues volunteered to join the happiness walk. At the moment of writing we are looking for new volunteering projects for the seasons 2019/2020.

Cefetra encourages her employees to volunteer. Voluntary work is fun and educational. A nice first step in this is to participate in a social team activity.