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Proteins are very important for animal feed. Proteins are important for the growth of the animals. Protein-rich crops are soybeans, sunflower seeds and rapeseed. These seeds are crushed in factories in both North-America, South-America and Europe, through the crush process the oil is pressed from the seed and extracted. This oil is used for the production of, for example, butter or cooking oil. What remains is what is called the scrap, which contains a high amount of protein that is extremely suitable for animal feed.


Cefetra supplies Soybeanmeal and whole soybeans to the European compound feed, toasting and crushing industry. The product is sourced from Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay and the USA, but sometimes it is also sourced from within the EU. Soya is a protein rich product, which is used mainly in poultry diets and to a lesser extent in pig feed.


Sunflowermeal and sunflowerexpellers are used by the European compound feed industry as a protein rich ingredient in poultry and pig diets. The product is sourced from the Ukraine, Argentina and from within the EU (mainly Eastern Europe and France).


Cefetra delivers rapeseedmeal, rapeexpellers and rapeseed to the European compound feed and crushing industry. The product mainly grows in Germany and France but is also imported from Canada and Australia. The product in protein rich and is used all kinds of diets.