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Nothing is thrown away and a large number of by-products from the cereals, seeds, fruit and sugar processing industry are valued in animal feed. These products are often an important source of fiber and often contain all kinds of interesting ingredients such as proteins and sugars.

Wheat bran

Wheatbran is a by-product from the milling industry. The products is rich of fibers, but also has some starch content. The product is used in pig and cattle feed. Cefetra sources this product from flower mills across Europe.

Palm kernel expellers

Cefetra sources palmkernel expellers from Indonesia and Malaysia. The product is a by-product from the production of palmkernel oil. The product is rich of Fiber but also still contains some fat. Especially in cattle this product is used as an important raw material.

Sugar beet pulp pellets

Sugarbeetpulp pellets are a by product of the sugarindustry. The products is very rich of fiber but also still contain some sugar. These sugar mills from which we source are located in Germany and France, but also we source some of this product from outside of Europe. Sugarbeetpulppellets are mainly an ingredient for cattle feed.

Soybean hulls

Cefetra sources soybeanhulls from Argentina and sometimes within the EU. The product is used as an important fiber source in cattle and to a lesser extent in pig feed. The product is a byproduct from the soybean crush.