BIG Challenge standings

BIG Challenge standings


Dutch farmers are once again collecting a huge amount: 906,821 euros

Despite the corona issues, the 331 BIG Challengers have managed to raise a huge amount for the fight against cancer. The opening of the twelfth edition of BIG Challenge to Alpe d’HuZes will take place digitally this year. The proceeds will be donated 100 percent to the Dutch Cancer Society (KWF Kankerbestrijding). 

This year there is not an impressive and emotional event like other years, but a digital reveal because of Corona. Farmers are used to not giving up; actions continue as much as possible within the guidelines used with the aim of raising as much money as possible for the fight against cancer.

The amount will go to the edition of 2021. The total contribution of BIG Challenge to Alpe d’HuZes since 2009 comes to 10.4 million euros. This amount was 100 percent donated to Alpe d’HuZes / KWF Kankerbestrijding. This makes BIG Challenge the third largest fundraiser for KWF. A result that the agricultural and food sector can be proud of. BIG Challenge would like to thank the sponsors and donors for this wonderful amount of 906,821 euros.

Cefetra is also co-sponsor of this event this year.

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