BIG Challenge proceeds

BIG Challenge proceeds


Contribution BIG Challenge 10.4 million euros

BIG Challenge has raised 10,396,673 euros from its foundation in 2009 up to now. This money is 100 percent donated to the Dutch Cancer Society. This makes BIG Challenge one of the largest fundraisers for KWF.

This gigantic amount has collected 1,761 Alpe d’HuZessers and 263 Alpe d’HuZussers, all associated with the agricultural sector. At BIG Challenge, the goal of the Alpe d’HuZessers is to collect at least 5,000 euros and conquer the Alpe d’Huez as often as possible on Thursdays. Alpe d’HuZussers climb the mountain once on Wednesday and collect a minimum of 666 euros.

The farmers are at the heart of society and are eager to contribute to the fight against cancer. That has become apparent over the past 12 years. Herman Houweling started BIG Challenge in 2009. Herman had cancer and wanted to put the farmers in the spotlight and raise a lot of money for KWF under the motto Farmers are Cool. BIG Challenge, farmers against cancer, has grown further after the death of Herman Houweling and has now raised a total of € 10,396,673.

“We are BIG Challenge together; not only on the mountain but all year round. On the mountain we hand out healthy food, products that we make at home on the farm. After all, we are the food makers. As farmers, we are at the heart of society and would like to contribute to the fight against cancer ”, says Marian Claessens, laying hen farmer, former participant and member of the BIG Challenge, Farmers against cancer steering group.

BIG Challenge makes the difference
By participating in Alpe d’HuZes, Dutch farmers want to show that not only the business, the health and welfare of the animals are important to them, but that they want to help prevent people from dying from cancer. One out of three Dutch people develops cancer. Cancer control- and attention for the cancer patient are badly needed. Alpe d’HuZes was founded to convert the impotence that arises from cancer into strength under the motto “giving up is not an option”. A quote from the letter from KWF: “Herman’s BIG Challenge team has been a top team for many years. The largest number of participants and the team with the highest return. Every year it is very special to see that you as a group are connected with each other with so much strength. ”

Photo BIG Challenge, photographer Monique van Loon

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