2023 SDG-Challenge finals

2023 SDG-Challenge finals

2023 SDG-Challenge finals

A combined group of students from Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam and Wageningen University & Research achieved a top-3 position in the SDG-Challenge for universities 2023!

During the inspiring and high-paced final, they managed to impress both the jury and the other attendees.

After the Cefetra team was designated by the jury as one of the top 3 teams, the team once again entered the stage for a Q&A session with the jury.

We are very proud that the team came up with an innovative solution to the challenge!

Well done Nadya Noora Icksan WarganegaraLukas SchnellRobin CroesTom KoolhaasBeate Abasina & Mariana Floriano – congratulations!

Cefetra Group Cefetra B.V. / Cefetra Feed Service B.V. Sandra Kraaij Mirjam Ruiten Bas Geerts

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