Press release BIG Challenge February 2021

Despite corona, BIG Challenge raises 1 million euros

Press Release

Despite corona, BIG Challenge raises 1 million euros

Despite Corona, BIG Challenge, farmers against cancer, already has this season 1,002,716 euros raised. This money is 100 percent donated to KWF fight against cancer. Creative actions and giving up is not an option; thus the standings of BIG Challenge.

With 331 participants, BIG Challenge started the 2020 edition. Because of Covid, the Alpe d’HuZes could not take place in June 2020. Also many planned events, set up to raise money, did not continue. But farmers and people from the agriculture food sector did not give up. Money for cancer research remains after all, desperately needed. Cancer doesn’t stop because of Corona.

The gigantic amount has been paid by the 331 Alpe d’HuZessers and associated with the agri and food sector, collected from October 2019. The edition of 2020 could not go ahead but the collection continued. BIG Challenge is and remains one of them the largest fundraisers for KWF.

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