Press release: Cefetra opts for fossil-free HVO diesel at Zijderlaan

Press Release

Cefetra opts for fossil-free HVO diesel at Zijderlaan

Agricultural raw materials supplier Cefetra and logistics service provider Zijderlaan are going a step further in their sustainable cooperation. As of January 1st, 2022, Cefetra will choose the fossil-free fuel HVO100 for all cargoes driven within the Netherlands. This change will immediately result in a CO2 reduction of between 80 and 90%. An important and sustainable development in the logistics energy transition.

Bridge to the future

Ruben Kraaijeveld, Operations Manager at Cefetra B.V.: “Cefetra is a pioneer in the field of sustainability and is therefore holding discussions with many stakeholders to determine how we can further improve the sustainability of our products, services and processes. Together with Zijderlaan we have drawn up objectives that correspond with the strategy of both companies. Part of this is making our transport more sustainable, with the choice of HVO diesel at Zijderlaan now being a major step.”
Sabine Zijderlaan, Managing Director of Zijderlaan said, “Cefetra is our first client to switch completely to HVO. Also, within Zijderlaan we continuously steer towards CO2 reduction and compensation. One of the options available to our clients is to opt for HVO. This fossil-free fuel immediately results in a CO2 reduction of up to 90%, viewed ‘Well-to-Wheel’. A very nice score during the transition to completely emission-free heavy road transport. Whether hydrogen or electric are the future, we and our customers will follow the developments in sustainability closely. In the meantime, we remain actively committed to improving our footprint as much as possible and to achieving common environmental goals together with our customers.”

Benefits of HVO

“A major advantage of Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil (HVO) is that it can be used immediately,” explains Maik Backx, sustainability consultant at Zijderlaan. “The fuel is suitable for every Euro 5 and 6 diesel engine without having to make any modifications. HVO has a similar chemical composition as fossil diesel, but without impurities. Also, the lower emission of harmful emissions such as particulates, hydrocarbons, nitrogen oxides, carbon monoxide and PAHs is better for local air quality and for the engine.”

Sustainable cooperation

On an annual basis, Zijderlaan drives some 500,000 kilometers for all Cefetra’s cargoes in the Netherlands. “The price of HVO is considerably higher than fossil diesel, but we are prepared to invest in it,” says Ted Swinkels, general manager of Cefetra B.V. “It’s nice to see that the trucks of Zijderlaan transport our protein-rich flour, derived from oilseeds, as cargo and at the same time fill up this alternative fuel, derived from the same oilseed. Our goal is to be completely climate neutral by 2030. This will enable us to take an important step in making transport and therefore our business operations more sustainable.” Sabine Zijderlaan: “In addition to HVO, we continue to look together for other sustainable optimization opportunities. Through current and intensive data exchange, for example, we calculate the most efficient use of our materials and planning. We hope that many will follow our example within transport and logistics on the way to a CO2-neutral society.”

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